Why the Trades?

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum research shows that  apprenticeship completers are far better than their counterparts when it comes to wages, job security and employment satisfaction.  When compared to non-completers and graduates of other technical programs, those who complete an apprenticeship have:

  • Better employment outcomes, both immediately and several years after being certified
  • Better earning potential – in the short and longer term
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction and job security

Up to 1 million job opportunities
By 2025, there are expected to be up to 1 million job openings in BC, and the North region is expected to have 54,600 job openings — almost half of these jobs require technical or trades training. About 15 percent of these openings are forecast to be generated through economic growth, and the rest due to retirements. By starting your trades training early, you’ll have skills you need to land a great job.

Earn a great salary
The trades offer competitive wages and room for advancement; the more experience you get, the more money you can make. North Coast Region wage by the hour in in-demand trades (September 25, 2017):

Table Wage